Zooming out

I was dozing off towards the end of a tiny book called “Native American Wisdom” this afternoon when suddenly i had a sparkling clear vision of the Pleiades star cluster. It seemed odd yet significant. Later, a little Google revealed to me that the Hopi, the Lakota Sioux, and numerous other Native peoples believe themselves to be of Pleiadian origin. (“Cree mythology speaks of their people coming to Earth from the seven stars in spirit form first and then [becoming] flesh and blood.”) I don’t understand much of anything, but i love how numinous experiences over time are blowing my narrow cultural conditioning to slow-motion smithereens.

Whether any Earthlings have cosmic origins in other places or i’m just having twilight insights into stories i don’t know, i like that moments such as this (and far grander) happen all the time. I appreciate the constant reinforcement of my conviction that it isn’t worth buying our own culture’s relatively lame-ass, negatively oriented, ineffective, unscientifically materialistic story about What Reality Is and How It Works just because it happens to be popular in the time and place in which i was born. (“Can’t prove a negative,” but many so-called scientists assume it all the time.) These wonks everywhere don’t actually have the authority they’ve been trained to project and everyone else trained to bow to. See what the sands of time make of EVERY culture’s pet beliefs and rational “conclusions” (including those that have already eroded from beneath our own mainstream, whether the stream’s noticed the news or not).

Popularity means absolutely nothing. It is the most empty value i can imagine. There can be no surrogate for the genius within you, so don’t rob yourself of that gift by paying too much attention to what others think they know.

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