Whose terms?

“If you want [people] to quarrel and resist change, convince them they’re on one side of a binary.” ~ John Michael Greer

Another way of saying “divided we fall.” Another way of saying that defining one’s perspective according to pre-packaged labels of “conservative,” “Democrat,” and such keeps us safely disempowered, fighting among our puny selves rather than FOR our obvious common interests.

Without completely transcending this way of thinking, we will continue to allow the media and other agendas to set the terms with which we define problems. We will continue to allow them, furthermore, to define the limits within which solutions may be found. The content of reality is so much broader than these accepted assumptions would have us know.

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” ~ probably misattributed to Albert Einstein, but wise nevertheless

One proposed step into a more effective paradigm: Stop using these ridiculous political labels. They are not yours. Consider your positions on a variety of issues for five minutes. Or consider a single grain of truth in a different political perspective. What do you notice? You are bigger and more complex than these labels. Their tyranny over our minds and our political realities begins to end the moment we take back the power of setting our own TERMS.

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