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Immortal Bloom has its own beautiful new site now! Please re-subscribe!

The blog Immortal Bloom is moving to its own domain! Please visit the lovely new site at and tap Subscribe to enter your address and continue receiving my posts! I have several fun new projects in the pipeline, including new workshops and … Continue reading

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Whose terms?

“If you want [people] to quarrel and resist change, convince them they’re on one side of a binary.” ~ John Michael Greer Another way of saying “divided we fall.” Another way of saying that defining one’s perspective according to pre-packaged … Continue reading

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Hospice: The other midwifery

Trying to say this is going to be like pushing revelation through a tube of toothpaste, but i have to try. Today i was sitting in a home with a dozing elderly patient, her daughter, and her sitter. There came … Continue reading

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The length of life

Surprise: today was my first adventure in independent hospice calls, and seeing patients unfamiliar to me at that. My orientation ends by necessity next week when another nurse takes leave, but an early temporary need arose in the northern woods. … Continue reading

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Zooming out

I was dozing off towards the end of a tiny book called “Native American Wisdom” this afternoon when suddenly i had a sparkling clear vision of the Pleiades star cluster. It seemed odd yet significant. Later, a little Google revealed … Continue reading

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The Best of Everything

I like to say that i’m not about genre: I simply like the very best of everything. “Best,” of course, is in the eye of the beholder. For many, for example, the best travel accommodations are five-star resorts–and not just … Continue reading

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Possum, was that a dream?

For the past few nights, we’ve been hearing sounds in the ceiling. Something was taking slow, fairly heavy steps up there into the wee and not-so-wee hours of the morning. I decided it was probably a possum–a nocturnal creature who … Continue reading

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